Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I think we’re done with our birth-mother letter! I say “I think” because we have yet to get the final “Okay” from our Attorney. But I feel really good about it.

The holidays were crazy and we didn’t get started on writing it until last week. We looked up all kinds of websites that might offer us advice on how to go about writing a letter to an expectant mother who’s considering adoption.  There were plenty of lists of do’s and don’ts out there which made me a little stressed out about the whole thing.  I couldn’t let that take control though… so I just started writing and tried my best to just be myself and let who I am shine through. I sent what I had to Jeremiah last week and then he added his parts as well. We sent the rough draft to Mark expecting him to reply with some advice on what needed to be changed or edited. He wrote back and said it was perfect and that we shouldn’t change anything! That was great news! He only suggested that we add some pictures of us with children which I did right away. I added some pop and color and I think it turned out pretty good. :D

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a woman who’s considering adoption while you’re reading this. Let us know what your thoughts are! 

You can view the letter here: Letter to Expectant Mother

As always… thank you for following our blog! Feel free to share this letter with anyone you know! We appreciate you keeping us in your thoughts! 

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