Saturday, June 4, 2011

I ♥ sunshine!

Well since my last post May has come and gone. I can’t believe it. My.. how time flies!
I’ll start by letting you know how our first visit with Ruth Moe went. Ruth is that woman who is conducting our home study. She was very nice and we found it very easy to talk with her. She has adopted in the past herself and was very encouraging to Jeremiah and I and had wonderful things to say about her experience.  Basically the first meeting was what I had expected it to be. Ruth went over all the paper work with us and explained the different things we’d need to do before she can approve us for adopting. We both had to get our finger prints taken and sent to the FBI for a background check. May was a VERY busy month for the two of us so we weren’t able to get down to the Court house until this past Thursday to get that step done. I’m gonna be honest… getting my finger prints taken WAS everything I thought it would be. SO exciting! ;) I felt like I was in a movie!
From what we heard from Ruth it sounds like the results of our background check from the FBI may be back as fast as 3 weeks… or as long as 14 weeks. Apparently they don’t keep that very consistent.  But that’s fine. We have quite a bit more to get done in the mean time. Jeremiah and I both have to have physicals and we need to complete our biographical information. There are a lot of questions and I have a feeling it will take me a while to finish it. There are 16 “questions” (more like categories) in all that we need to answer in depth.  Here’s an example of one.
# 4: Give a history of yourself from birth to present. Include information about your parents – their occupations, nature of their marriage, quality of your childhood relationships with them, present relationship with them, and present locations of them. Discuss your siblings, their birthdates, how you relate to them and where they currently are. What was your childhood like – school and social activities, activities with family and friends etc. what was your school experience and what has been the nature of your work experience? What was your religious upbringing?
That is just ONE of the categories. When I’m done writing about all of that… I’ll have a small book. And there are 15 more sections almost as long as this one. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m actually excited about doing this. I think it’ll be a great challenge. And I don’t mean a challenge in a bad way. I think everyone should sit down and write a small biography about themselves at some point in their lives. It’s a good exercise and it makes you look back at your life with a different perspective. Jeremiah and I are going to be taking a Vacation in a week from tomorrow to go down to California for a week. It’s been a long winter and we’re both excited to be somewhere warm to recover from the cold. I think the plane ride down there and back will be the perfect time to work on our biographies. We’ll be stuck in small uncomfortable seats for several hours with nothing better to do than look at the airplane’s magazines repeatedly or try unsuccessfully to get some shut eye. So why not do something useful? We can be writing our biographies and dreaming about the day when we’ll finally have a little family all the while our heads will literally be in the clouds thousands of miles above the ground. Brilliant! ;)
I just mentioned our vacation above. I am very excited about it! We’re going to Disney Land! Seriously… getting my fingerprints taken AND going to Disney Land all in the same month! I must be in heaven! For our vacation this summer we decided we definitely needed to go somewhere warm. This past winter (and spring so far) was way too cold and miserable. Can I get an “Amen”?! We’ve really been enjoying taking trips over to the Oregon coast for our vacations but we both felt like that just wouldn’t cut it this time. We need to get sunburns… and FAST! (Just kidding Jeremiah) I promised Jeremiah that I would wear sunscreen everyday we’re down there and I intend to keep that promise. Skin cancer isn’t too appealing anymore. When I was younger… sure. I mean who didn’t want skin cancer? But Jeremiah has shown me the light. SPF 50 here I come! ;)
My Birthday was May 8th. I’m still 22… however my body is now 26. My sister Lacey is an amazing photographer and for my birthday present she said she’d take some fun pictures of me. My very own photo shoot! I’m very excited. Lacey is a genius in her work and I know she’ll take some amazing pictures. I’ll be leaving my house in about an hour and a half to go on this adventure. I had better go and pretty myself up. Maybe I’ll share a few when I have them. ;) I can’t wait until she can take our family pictures!!
Thanks for following our blog!
Love you all!